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First-Party Insurance Claims

First-Party Insurance Claims: Fighting for What You Deserve

When an insurance company denies, delays, or offers an unfair settlement, it frustrates and angers the policyholder. When you are injured or have property damages, you expect an insurance carrier will be there when you need them. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. First-party insurance disputes arise whenever an insurance company has not settled a claim reasonably or has breached the terms and conditions of the policy.

Proving Your Right to Coverage

An insurance company has a fiduciary duty to pay legitimate claims to the insured party. When facing a dispute, no one should have to fight an insurance company alone. If you are dealing with a denied claim, delayed payment, or underpayment, contact our experienced Florida insurance dispute attorneys today. 

At Mapp & Parker, P.A., we have represented clients in first-party insurance disputes since 1996. We are a small law firm that takes the time to listen and provide the individualized attention our clients deserve. At Mapp & Parker, P.A., we hold ourselves to the highest legal and ethical standards, with proven results in and out of the courtroom.  

What is a Bad Faith Claim?

Insurance companies act in bad faith when they use deceitful tactics to avoid paying a claim. It can happen when they misrepresent insurance coverage limits and exclusions to a policyholder or when they make unreasonable demands of the policyholder to prove claims.

In Florida, the Office of Insurance Regulation oversees insurance company practices. They are responsible for ensuring that insurers treat policyholders honestly and fairly, in compliance with state laws. Florida Statute 624.155 allows an insured person victimized by an insurance company to recover damages through a civil action.

Examples of Bad Faith Claims:

  • Denying a claim without a reason
  • Failing to investigate a claim
  • Delaying the processing or settlement of a claim
  • Making a settlement offer that undervalues a claim
  • Refusing to communicate with the insured
  • Making threatening statements to the insured
  • Misrepresenting the coverage available for a claim
  • Wrongfully stating a policyholder is uncooperative in an investigation

Wrongful Termination of a Policy 

An insurance policy is a valid and enforceable contract, and an insurance provider is obligated to comply with the terms of the agreement. An insurance provider cannot arbitrarily cancel a policy without a legitimate reason. At Mapp & Parker, P.A., we can help if your insurer has wrongfully canceled your policy. 

In Florida, insurers can only cancel a policy for specific reasons and must give you advance notice before canceling. Frequently, policies are canceled when a claim is filed. The company then fails to provide coverage, reporting some faults or conditions that invalidate the policy. When your insurance company has wrongfully canceled your policy, Mapp & Parker, P.A., can help. We can fight to reinstate your coverage, get compensation for any damages you may have suffered due to the cancellation, and sometimes win punitive damages.

 A company can cancel a policy for legitimate reasons, such as fraudulent or deceitful claims by the policyholder or failure to make payments on the policy. In the case of auto insurance, a policy may be terminated for a suspended or revoked driver’s license.

Call for a Free Consultation to Start Building Your Case

At Mapp & Parker, P.A., we have battled against many major insurance carriers and won. Examples of the types of first-party claims we deal with are personal injuries, property damages, motor vehicle accidents, renters’ claims, and life insurance disputes.

We assist clients who have suffered injuries, losses, or damages by reviewing their insurance policy to determine available coverage. We investigate the facts of the case and aggressively negotiate with their insurance carrier to reach a fair settlement. Each case is prepared as if we are headed into the courtroom. First-party insurance claims can go to trial if the insurer and the insured cannot agree on a settlement, if the insurance carrier has not acted in good faith, or they have wrongfully terminated your policy.  

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