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When Your Insurance Provider Refuses to Pay

Property damage can cost you thousands of dollars, and your insurance provider knows this. If they’re refusing to help you cover the cost of property damage, contact Mapp & Parker, P.A. immediately. Attorney Parker handles first party insurance claims in Orlando, Florida. Whether you’re dealing with hail, lightening or tree damage, you can count on him to fight for the financial assistance you need.

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When to hire an insurance attorney

When to hire an insurance attorney

Reach out to Mapp & Parker, P.A. as soon as you find out your damage claim has been denied. As your insurance attorney, Charles Parker can:

  • Review your claim to see if you overlooked anything
  • Give you sound legal counsel regarding next steps
  • Speed up the process to resolve your case ASAP
  • Take your case to court, if necessary

You can rest easy knowing you have a dedicated attorney on your side.

Get in touch with attorney Charles Parker today to learn more about first party insurance claims.